Building Family Literacy through Public Library & School Collaborations

Tips Sheets for Involving Families in Public Library Summer Reading Programs & for Developing a Successful Public Library / School Collaborations

MHLS libraries ran amazing programs in the summer of 2013! And kids read a lot – some libraries counted the number of books read, some the number of minutes read and for the first time this year – some by the number of days read.

The total attendance at summer reading program events, comparing 2013 to 2012, was up 9%. The following areas have also shown an increase:

  • Number of children recording summer reading: up 46%
  • Number of minutes read by children: up 38%
  • Number of YA recording summer reading: up 36%
  • Number of minutes read by YA: 15%

The applications for MHLS Summer Reading Mini-Grants in 2013 hit a new high both in the number of applications and in the terrific Summer Reading ideas MHLS member libraries collaboratively planned with their schools to increase the number of children and families involved in local summer reading programs. Congratulations! Created by 2013 MHLS SRP Mini-Grant participants, 2 new tip sheets are available:

2014 School Library Partner Manual

 Download the manual and share with your school library.

2014 Early Literacy Partner Manual

A Resource for Childcare Providers

Summer Reading at New York Libraries & the Common Core

Public library summer reading programs foster a community of inquiry and literacy that leads to high academic achievement, independent reading and learning, and collaborative efforts that last a lifetime. Experts in the fields of child brain development and reading research agree that literacy skills develop early and are strengthened when children read during the summer months. Read more…


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